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Modern Hair Building Fibers for Thinning Hair

Regular hair building fibers products give fragile coverage: Lay your head down on a couch or pillow, get caught in the rain, or just go outside in the wind. That pesky, shiny bald spot is showing again. Because the natural bonding force between the hair building fibers and your hair is very weak.

Regular hair building fibers are made mostly from wool (sheep’s hair). Since the wool fibers tend to be electrically repelled by human hair, most of the products will fall down onto the scalp when being applied instead of clinging to existing hair as intended. So if you use regular hair building products, instead of thickening your hair, much of what you apply will in effect be doing no more than coloring your scalp. So, regular hair building fibers ignore that bit of basic science for the sake of convenience and cost-saving.

Regular hair building fibers are loaded with synthetic chemicals: dyes, artificial preservatives, and fillers. All of those lab-concocted chemicals may be cheap to produce but they may cause you even greater discomfort than just the disappointment you’ll feel when you look in the mirror. Many users of these products report problems with itching and with rashes.

Whereas advanced hair building fibers use raw material extracted from plant, which is almost identical to your hair, carries a negative charge, so it wants to bond to your hair (positively charged). They are safe even for sensitive scalp and your hair style will last considerably longer.

Modern hair building fibers also use completely natural ingredients: plant based fibers and natural mineral colorants, which are free of animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, fillers and preservatives. Modern hair building fibers are combination of new discoveries in bio and molecular sciences to bring you an impressive hair growing formula. They increase hair growth by stimulating protein biosynthesis leading to vitalization of cells of hair follicles. They also reduce hair fall, which leads to increase in hair density by slowing down the production of DiHydrotestosterone (DHT). They exert a positive impact on quality and duration of Anagen (hair growth) phase. Reduce scalp scaling and hair shaft damage by accelerated greasing of hair. Even it helps in reducing dandruff and protects hair from environmental influences.

Research and scientific advancement are ongoing for further improvement of the hair building fibers which is already very popular among men and women for its multiple advantages over earlier solution like using dye to color the scalp, shampoo and medicines.


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Do Hair Thickening Fibers Make You Look Smarter?

Hair loss or hair thinning problem is quite embarrassing though it is very common, especially among men. Nevertheless women are more ashamed of hair loss or hair thinning. While meeting, people first look at the bald spot or thin and scanty hair. Even the sympathetic words from closed ones give a feeling of humiliation.

Bearing continuous agony some people remain confused of using some kind of means to conceal the fact that they are having balding or thinning hair problem. They are afraid of being revealed or found guilty (!) of using the hair loss concealers.

Hair thickening fibers can do the tricks for relieving them of the fears and making smarter. Balding and thin or scanty hair is always eye catching. It not only affects the personality of the people but also the approach of others. So it is better to correct the visual impression without being doubtful.

Different types of hair loss concealers are now available. Until going for permanent fix like surgeries or hair transplants, which are quite expensive, hair thickening fibers can give a quick fix. Hair thickening fibers are an instant cosmetic solution. Most hair thickening fibers are made from natural keratin, collected from plant stuff, which ensure hygiene.

Some hair thickening fiber products can give results in as low as 30 seconds. Those are very simple to use. Wash, dry, comb and style your hair, then spray hair loss concealing fibers and dab it on to it lightly. These fibers will give you fuller look until you washed it out with water and shampoo.


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How To Use Hair Building Fibers

Modern hair building fibers are easy to use. For best results, first shampoo and dry your hair with a blow dryer or let it air-dry completely. Then style your hair as you want. Don’t use hair gel or hair spray before the application of the hair building fibers.

After initial preparation jut hold the bottle of the hair building fibers above the thinning area and tilt it. Gently shake or tap the bottle with fingers to dispense fibers onto the thinning area. You can adjust the tilt to increase or decrease the amount of fibers coming out of the bottle. Start from the back of your head and work your way to the front. Slowly build up to a more natural coverage by repeating the application a few times till desired result. Pat your hair very gently with your hand in between applications to disperse the fibers.

Position your hand under the hairline to apply hair building fibers on the frontal area and keep these from getting onto your face and eyes. Then gently comb hair into place if necessary, after application. Lastly, spray a few shots of hair spray or volume control mist onto the applied areas. These techniques will give you fuller look until the fibers are being washed out by using water and shampoo.

Common mistakes made during the use of hair building fibers;

Over application at a time
Start with a thin layer of hair building fiber on the thinning area, followed by patting (gently) the area with your hand to distribute the fibers equally, and then look into the mirror to examine the outcome. If necessary you can do again the process till desired results.

Short hair length
For better results your hair must be at least half inch long. If your hair is too short, wait for it to grow.

Don’t imitate the experts
Don’t try to imitate the experts in using hair building fibers, like rolling on hair. As an amateur home user, you probably will not achieve what experts can. They have done it thousands of times. So just follow the simple techniques for better results at home.

Excessive application
Using moderate amount of hair building fibers may look you 10 years younger, however using excessive amount of it would make your hair look somewhat unnatural. Also remember not to use on areas where there is no or little scalp hair.


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All About Natural Hair Building Fibers

Different types of hair building fibers are available these days. Materials are used to make hair building fibers numerous as well: synthetic materials, animal wool, plant substance etc. Regular hair building fibers are made from synthetic substance. They are loaded with synthetic chemicals: dyes, artificial preservatives, and fillers. Modern hair building fibers are made from natural ingredients: plant based fibers and natural mineral colorants, which are free of animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, fillers and preservatives. Natural hair building fibers are safer to use. These are combination of new discoveries in bio and molecular sciences bring you an impressive hair thickening formula.

Natural hair building fibers work for all types of hair loss, including Alopecia Areata, Androgentic Alopecia, Postpartum Hair Loss, Alopecia Prematura etc. They are suitable for both men and women.

Plant resinous fiber, keratin derivative, antistatic agent and ammonium bicarbonate are used to make natural hair building fibers. All these elements are very friendly for human being specially compared to synthetic materials.

– Natural hair building fibers can instantly make hair full and thick and hide thinning or balding spots. It can help people to reach perfect appearance in just 30 seconds. It also works as antidandruff.

– Natural hair building fibers contain no bactericides and preservatives. It neither hurts scalp nor does block pore. There is no irritation to skin, no causing dandruff. Natural hair thickening fibers are very safe for us for everyday use.

– Natural hair building fibers are slimmer, longer and lighter than other hair fibers and well-proportioned. They are cut by machine and each hair fiber is in the same length. So it gives the perfect look.

-Natural hair building fibers carry homopolar negative ions with electricity that can attach to existing hair very securely and won’t come off even in rain, wind and perspiration. Moreover, due to the negative ions, it can be distributed more evenly and won’t form groups no matter outside or inside the bottle, then makes the use-effect better.

– Natural hair building fibers are 100% color fastness and there are no dyes or stains even in sports. The color is fully reliable and not harmful for men and women. Natural hair building fibers give a fuller look until they are washed out with water and shampoo.


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Are there Downfalls to Hair Building Fibers?

Hair building fibers have been long used by people suffering from hair thinning or baldness. It is highly reliable to modern men and women. Hair building fibers have some advantages: less expensive compared to other permanent solution, easy to use, painless etc. Most of these products are made with fairly organic, harmless elements and don not cause any health hazard. As this product is a cosmetic solution, it will not encourage hair re growth, neither there is any proof that it increases hair fall. Individuals that have slight thinning or balding can use a hair building fiber to prevent any further hair fall. Nevertheless hair building fibers have some disadvantages, if you sweat or get your hair wet, and this could stain a pillow or t-shirt.

These are tiny keratin fibers which will magically stick to your hair through an electrostatic charge when you shake them onto your head. This electrostatic charge is strong enough to attach around 90 percent of the fibers to your hair.

Some researchers find that the ingredients of hair building fibers contain chemicals like ammonium chloride. Ammonium chloride is a hazardous chemical and repeated exposure to it can lead to poisoning and other symptoms. Repeated contact of ammonium chloride can irritate the skin and damage the eyes. Inhalation of it can irritate the nose, throat and lungs. There can be an allergic response much like asthma and muscle spasms. Users can also suffer from irregular breathing and slow heartbeat.

Ammonium chloride is not something you want to keep putting into or onto your body. Some users also find the smell a bit strong. Though it is widely argued that the ammonium chloride is a very small percent of the product and used as a preservative for the product. It’s a topical solution that will not be inhaled or digested in large quantities.” It should be noted, that while many hair building fibers use natural ingredients which cause no side effects and are completely safe to use.

Some men and women who use hair loss concealers might be a bit scared to touch their hair after they’ve applied the product. Whilst some manufacturers say that you can touch, comb and style your hair, people remain reluctant to do so for fear of combing out or dislodging the product.

Regular daily massage is the key to restoring and maintaining strong healthy hair growth. But, clearly, that’s not going to happen if you “wear” artificial hair building fibers on your head for hours on end every day and totally avoid touching your hair or scalp.
With many arguments about the above mentioned shortcomings, efforts are ongoing to make the hair loss concealer more effective with lesser side effect.


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All About Hair Building Fibers

Hair building fibers are one of the safe and effective means to eradicate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. Both men and women can use it. Even persons who have recently gone for hair transplantation can use hair building fiber, since patients lose their transplanted hair after transplantation until they are being re-grown. Different colored hair building fibers are available in the marketplace: blond, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, black etc.

Hair building fibers are made up of keratin which blend and statically cling to your existing hair to hide any receding areas and provide dramatic density, volume and natural looking coverage, instantly. Keratin fibers are fibrous structural proteins, the main building component of hair and nails. These Keratin fibers are mostly collected from plant stuff. To attach or and bond these fibers with your own hair they are charged with static electricity.

Hair building fibers electrostatically attaches to existing hair follicles of the people. It creates instant thicker fuller-looking hair. Hair building fibers covers-up fine and thinning areas of hair. It is perfect for temporary cover-up post procedure. It also enhances existing procedure density. The application of hair building fiber is very easy as well.

Before using hair building fibers, your hair must be completely dry. Then just brush or comb your hair and shake the hair building fibers before applying liberally into thinning and low-density areas. Later, gently style hair into place with fingers or plastic comb. If desired, use brush applicator filled with hair building fibers to apply around hairline and difficult to reach spots. Then spray hairspray & fiber hold spray, which may increase the bond between natural hair and hair building fibers for extra durable, longer-lasting style. Hair fattener products are also available which aims to do just that by penetrating deep into the hair shaft and so add more thickness and body to your hair. Finally, a hairline optimizer can be used as you shake the fibers onto the hairline. The aim is to get a more natural look rather than a straight line which might otherwise occur.

This hair building fibers work full until they are being washed out by using water and shampoo. Hair building fibers are less expensive compared to permanent fix: surgeries and hair transplantation. Surgeries and hair transplantations are not only expensive but also painful. It has some bad side effects as well compared to hair building fibers.



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