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For many, hair loss treatments such as hair growth solutions or hair transplants are out of the question due to the lack of instant results or expensive costs of the procedure. This is why many people with thinning hair are now looking for hair loss concealers to effectively hide their hair loss. Over the years, the number of hair loss concealers on the market has increased dramatically. The most common hair loss concealers are spray on hair, hair powder and hair thickening fibers. Here, we reveal each type of hair loss concealer to determine which one is the most effective for covering the appearance of thinning hair.

Hair Spray

Hair sprays are fiber like solutions which attach itself to the hair when sprayed on. Hair sprays use static electricity to make the adhesion. Hair spray is a little on the pricey side at approximately $75 for a 2 month supply. The main problem we had when testing hair spray is that although it worked effectively on short hair, it looked very unnatural on longer hair which was combed over. Most of the hair spray ended up on the scalp and not attaching to the hair itself. Another problem we had with hair sprays was the control factor. The hair spray went on very quickly and was easy to apply, but very hard to control, therefore sometimes giving off an unnatural look when sprayed on too quickly.

Hair powder

Hair powder is a solid, compressed powder that colors your scalp to match your hair. The price of hair powder was the cheapest among all the hair loss concealers at approximately $50 for a 8 month supply. Although hair powder is much less expensive, we found that hair powder was only good when you had extremely short hair or very flat hair. When using hair powder, you apply the powder onto your scalp rather than your hair. This means that if your hair is thinning, you will see a colored scalp and only a few strands of hair. The process of applying hair powder was also troublesome. as you first have to use a thickening agent through your hair and let it dry out before applying the hair powder again when it is dry. The hair powder did not stay on that well and was easily washed away when our subject combed through his hair.

Hair thickening fiber

Hair thickening fiber is made from all natural plant fibers or keratin fibers. These microscopic fibers bond statically to your existing hair creating a much thicker and fuller appearance. The price of hair thickening fibers was relatively inexpensive at approximately $25 to $35 for a 2 month supply. The hair fibers were very effective at increasing the volume and bonding to the existing hair for a natural look. The process of applying hair thickening fibers was also very easy and controllable as you decide how much of the hair thickening fiber you want to shake onto your thinning areas. We tested hair thickening fibers in different environments and it stayed on even when it rained, in wind and when sweating.

To conclude, hair loss concealers have improved greatly over the past couple years and there is no need to spend money on other hair loss treatments. Of the three hair loss concealers we reviewed, we found that the hair thickening fibers were by far the best hair loss concealer. Hair thickening fibers are inexpensive, very effective at bonding to hair, made from safe all natural ingredients, easy to apply and give a very natural appearance when applied. We highly recommend hair thickening fibers for anyone with thinning hair.

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