All About Hair Building Fibers

Hair building fibers are one of the safe and effective means to eradicate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. Both men and women can use it. Even persons who have recently gone for hair transplantation can use hair building fiber, since patients lose their transplanted hair after transplantation until they are being re-grown. Different colored hair building fibers are available in the marketplace: blond, dark brown, medium brown, light brown, black etc.

Hair building fibers are made up of keratin which blend and statically cling to your existing hair to hide any receding areas and provide dramatic density, volume and natural looking coverage, instantly. Keratin fibers are fibrous structural proteins, the main building component of hair and nails. These Keratin fibers are mostly collected from plant stuff. To attach or and bond these fibers with your own hair they are charged with static electricity.

Hair building fibers electrostatically attaches to existing hair follicles of the people. It creates instant thicker fuller-looking hair. Hair building fibers covers-up fine and thinning areas of hair. It is perfect for temporary cover-up post procedure. It also enhances existing procedure density. The application of hair building fiber is very easy as well.

Before using hair building fibers, your hair must be completely dry. Then just brush or comb your hair and shake the hair building fibers before applying liberally into thinning and low-density areas. Later, gently style hair into place with fingers or plastic comb. If desired, use brush applicator filled with hair building fibers to apply around hairline and difficult to reach spots. Then spray hairspray & fiber hold spray, which may increase the bond between natural hair and hair building fibers for extra durable, longer-lasting style. Hair fattener products are also available which aims to do just that by penetrating deep into the hair shaft and so add more thickness and body to your hair. Finally, a hairline optimizer can be used as you shake the fibers onto the hairline. The aim is to get a more natural look rather than a straight line which might otherwise occur.

This hair building fibers work full until they are being washed out by using water and shampoo. Hair building fibers are less expensive compared to permanent fix: surgeries and hair transplantation. Surgeries and hair transplantations are not only expensive but also painful. It has some bad side effects as well compared to hair building fibers.



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