All About Natural Hair Building Fibers

Different types of hair building fibers are available these days. Materials are used to make hair building fibers numerous as well: synthetic materials, animal wool, plant substance etc. Regular hair building fibers are made from synthetic substance. They are loaded with synthetic chemicals: dyes, artificial preservatives, and fillers. Modern hair building fibers are made from natural ingredients: plant based fibers and natural mineral colorants, which are free of animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, fillers and preservatives. Natural hair building fibers are safer to use. These are combination of new discoveries in bio and molecular sciences bring you an impressive hair thickening formula.

Natural hair building fibers work for all types of hair loss, including Alopecia Areata, Androgentic Alopecia, Postpartum Hair Loss, Alopecia Prematura etc. They are suitable for both men and women.

Plant resinous fiber, keratin derivative, antistatic agent and ammonium bicarbonate are used to make natural hair building fibers. All these elements are very friendly for human being specially compared to synthetic materials.

– Natural hair building fibers can instantly make hair full and thick and hide thinning or balding spots. It can help people to reach perfect appearance in just 30 seconds. It also works as antidandruff.

– Natural hair building fibers contain no bactericides and preservatives. It neither hurts scalp nor does block pore. There is no irritation to skin, no causing dandruff. Natural hair thickening fibers are very safe for us for everyday use.

– Natural hair building fibers are slimmer, longer and lighter than other hair fibers and well-proportioned. They are cut by machine and each hair fiber is in the same length. So it gives the perfect look.

-Natural hair building fibers carry homopolar negative ions with electricity that can attach to existing hair very securely and won’t come off even in rain, wind and perspiration. Moreover, due to the negative ions, it can be distributed more evenly and won’t form groups no matter outside or inside the bottle, then makes the use-effect better.

– Natural hair building fibers are 100% color fastness and there are no dyes or stains even in sports. The color is fully reliable and not harmful for men and women. Natural hair building fibers give a fuller look until they are washed out with water and shampoo.


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