Are there Downfalls to Hair Building Fibers?

Hair building fibers have been long used by people suffering from hair thinning or baldness. It is highly reliable to modern men and women. Hair building fibers have some advantages: less expensive compared to other permanent solution, easy to use, painless etc. Most of these products are made with fairly organic, harmless elements and don not cause any health hazard. As this product is a cosmetic solution, it will not encourage hair re growth, neither there is any proof that it increases hair fall. Individuals that have slight thinning or balding can use a hair building fiber to prevent any further hair fall. Nevertheless hair building fibers have some disadvantages, if you sweat or get your hair wet, and this could stain a pillow or t-shirt.

These are tiny keratin fibers which will magically stick to your hair through an electrostatic charge when you shake them onto your head. This electrostatic charge is strong enough to attach around 90 percent of the fibers to your hair.

Some researchers find that the ingredients of hair building fibers contain chemicals like ammonium chloride. Ammonium chloride is a hazardous chemical and repeated exposure to it can lead to poisoning and other symptoms. Repeated contact of ammonium chloride can irritate the skin and damage the eyes. Inhalation of it can irritate the nose, throat and lungs. There can be an allergic response much like asthma and muscle spasms. Users can also suffer from irregular breathing and slow heartbeat.

Ammonium chloride is not something you want to keep putting into or onto your body. Some users also find the smell a bit strong. Though it is widely argued that the ammonium chloride is a very small percent of the product and used as a preservative for the product. It’s a topical solution that will not be inhaled or digested in large quantities.” It should be noted, that while many hair building fibers use natural ingredients which cause no side effects and are completely safe to use.

Some men and women who use hair loss concealers might be a bit scared to touch their hair after they’ve applied the product. Whilst some manufacturers say that you can touch, comb and style your hair, people remain reluctant to do so for fear of combing out or dislodging the product.

Regular daily massage is the key to restoring and maintaining strong healthy hair growth. But, clearly, that’s not going to happen if you “wear” artificial hair building fibers on your head for hours on end every day and totally avoid touching your hair or scalp.
With many arguments about the above mentioned shortcomings, efforts are ongoing to make the hair loss concealer more effective with lesser side effect.


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