How to Cover Grey Hair

Grey hair is something that can be looked at as a blessing as well as a curse. Some men will welcome it as it is a sign that they have hit a mature age. There will however be those that will look at this as a curse and will do everything in their power to cover this hair up. The problem becomes that in doing it they wind up in the same boat as those that are losing their hair and wind up with an unnatural appearance to their hair. This article is designed to help those people see that there ways to cover this up and it still look all natural.

The common method for covering grey hair is with the use of hair color. This is fine and great, the problem becomes that many people will be tempted to go with a shade either darker or lighter than what they have. This becomes an issue when things are not uniform and the hair has an unnatural appearance to it. The key to this is that if you are going to go with one shade different that you make sure that you have uniform coverage all around. Otherwise people will be able to tell that you are trying to hide something.

The trick is that you need to find a color that is close to what you have and that you catch the grey hair as soon as possible. If you allow this to go too long and then you appear without a grey hair found, people will know that you colored your hair. This in turn will lead to them looking at your hair closer to see if there is a noticeable difference in the two shades.

Another method is the use of hair thickening fibers that can be used to give a more natural appearance to your hair. This is a common thing that is growing in popularity as the difference between the two are very minor and gives an all-around appearance of being consistent and uniform. Hair thickening fibers cover the color of your existing hair by attaching microscopic hair fibers onto your existing hair. This is great if you want to cover your grey hair with a different color.

Grey hair does not have to mean the end of your glory days. If you are smart in your efforts and know the tricks that work and those that don’t work, then you will be able to make a difference and get the grey out of your life. It is a wonderful world that allows more than just the bald guys to have all the fun.


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