Modern Hair Building Fibers for Thinning Hair

Regular hair building fibers products give fragile coverage: Lay your head down on a couch or pillow, get caught in the rain, or just go outside in the wind. That pesky, shiny bald spot is showing again. Because the natural bonding force between the hair building fibers and your hair is very weak.

Regular hair building fibers are made mostly from wool (sheep’s hair). Since the wool fibers tend to be electrically repelled by human hair, most of the products will fall down onto the scalp when being applied instead of clinging to existing hair as intended. So if you use regular hair building products, instead of thickening your hair, much of what you apply will in effect be doing no more than coloring your scalp. So, regular hair building fibers ignore that bit of basic science for the sake of convenience and cost-saving.

Regular hair building fibers are loaded with synthetic chemicals: dyes, artificial preservatives, and fillers. All of those lab-concocted chemicals may be cheap to produce but they may cause you even greater discomfort than just the disappointment you’ll feel when you look in the mirror. Many users of these products report problems with itching and with rashes.

Whereas advanced hair building fibers use raw material extracted from plant, which is almost identical to your hair, carries a negative charge, so it wants to bond to your hair (positively charged). They are safe even for sensitive scalp and your hair style will last considerably longer.

Modern hair building fibers also use completely natural ingredients: plant based fibers and natural mineral colorants, which are free of animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, ļ¬llers and preservatives. Modern hair building fibers are combination of new discoveries in bio and molecular sciences to bring you an impressive hair growing formula. They increase hair growth by stimulating protein biosynthesis leading to vitalization of cells of hair follicles. They also reduce hair fall, which leads to increase in hair density by slowing down the production of DiHydrotestosterone (DHT). They exert a positive impact on quality and duration of Anagen (hair growth) phase. Reduce scalp scaling and hair shaft damage by accelerated greasing of hair. Even it helps in reducing dandruff and protects hair from environmental influences.

Research and scientific advancement are ongoing for further improvement of the hair building fibers which is already very popular among men and women for its multiple advantages over earlier solution like using dye to color the scalp, shampoo and medicines.


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