Types of Hair Thickening Fibers

For quite some time now both men and women from across the globe have used many different ways to help them in concealing their hair lose problems for a lot of different reasons. Both problems of hair thinning and balding have been a problem for us since the beginning of time. in the early days the best way to conceal hair loss problems were either by using sprays on colors or by using boot black by simply darking the areas where a person might be facing hair thinning or hair loss problems.

Sadly these old methods that were used didn’t do much help in conceal hair loss or baldness problems, and most of the time seemed as if shoe polish had been rubbed onto the scalp. Now a day there has been quite some improvement with the formula that is used to help in covering up baldness and hair thinning problems have given others the image of having much healthier looking hair within just a few seconds.
A person can always choose from 3 different types of hair thickening fibers that either can be used individually or with one another which could really help anyone look almost 10 to 11 years younger.

The first type of option that anyone can look into is the Spray-on which is basically a plant based micro hair thickening fiber that most of the time have been colored to help in matching the existing hair color a person might have, while at the same time hare ionized with a static charge just as normal hair might be. Therefore if they are applied with the existing hair, these hair fibers would easily bond with the existing hair helping in creating a look of having much thicker hair until they are washed off.

The second type of hair thickening fibers is basically made up of keratin fibers which are basically what real hair is made up of. These hair fibers are directly applied on the bald spots through a sprinkling can with very little waste. Once sprinkled the a brush or light comb can run through the hair while at the same time hair spray can be applied to keep the hair in place.

The last and final option that one ca choose from for hair thickening fibers are the color pigments that can be applied while directly brushing on the scalp. This method helps in blending the color of the hair with the scalp thus creating a look of much fuller hair. For those planning to apply this method of their scalp should always keep in mind that this method does not help in thicken the hair with any sort of fiber instead helps in blending the scalp with the existing hair color therefor giving it a look of having much thicker hair.

For those people who are looking for something to help them with covering up their hair loss problems they can always go those some of the above mentioned options.


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